In the last post, we discussed about the basics of the ELK stack, and also about setting up your own python virtual environment for running a Flask Application. We also created a docker-compose file for initiating the Elastic Cluster and the Kibana Instance to monitor the ES Hosts.

In this article, we would move one step further to work with Python to setup a basic lightweight Flask application to serve data from the ES instance to the APIs created in Flask.

Getting started with Flask is extremely easy, as it is a basic python framework for serving lightweight APIs. …

Hi guys, this is my first post, and any constructive feedback is appreciated!

In this post, I am going to discuss on using ElasticSearch with Python (Using the Flask Framework). This post will primarily focus on creating an ElasticSearch Cluster, and using python Flask APIs to view, load, and retrieve data from the cluster. Before we begin, I would like to give some basic intuition on the ELK (Elastic + Logstash + Kibana) stack, and the Flask framework.

This article will be divided into 2 parts, where we will create an ES Cluster, and then a lightweight Flask application to…

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